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BelayBox Assembly Kit [PN: 1000]

BelayBox Assembly Kit [PN: 1000]

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The BelayBox is a reference platform specifically designed for development and testing of the open source software EVerest. It comes with EVerest pre-installed and pre-configured.

Please note:

The BelayBox Assembly Kit is supplied in kit form.

BelayBox comes with a Type 2 Connector. Adapter Type 1 Plug to Type 2 Socket is sold separately.

What you get

YETI Power Board [PN: 1001]

  • 11kW/22kW
  • 1ph/3ph automatic switching during charging
  • GPS
  • Greenphy PLC Modem
  • Optional metering display
  • 6mA DC RCD module
  • Integrated power meter (non MID)

YAK High Level Board [PN: 1002]

  • Rasperry Pi CM 4 compute module (2-4 GB RAM)
  • 5" IPS display, 1000 nits sunlight readable, capacitive touch display
  • QCA7005 PLC GreenPHY modem
  • NFC/RFID Reader
  • USB, RS232/485, Ethernet, WiFi, Bluetooth, CAN, GPIO

Cable Set [PN: 1003]

  • Assembly 10 pin connection cable low level to high level board
  • Pre-crimped cables
  • 10 pin female plug
  • 4 one-sided pre-crimped cables
  • 4 pin female plug
  • 6 pin female plug
  • 6 one-sided pre-crimped cables
  • Cable for GPIO connector J15 to Yak

BelayBox Housing Parts [PN: 1004]

Everything you need for assembly.

BelayBox Display [PN: 1005]

  • Display
  • Screws for mounting

Power Cable Set [PN: 1007]

  • Building connection cable (2.5 mm) with a 16A CEE connector
  • Charger cable

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Please note: The image differs from the standard object of purchase in the following points: it is an assembly  kit whereby the image is exemplary. 

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