Our vision

To address challenges and eliminate the pain points in the EV charging sector, PIONIX initiated EVerest:
An open source software stack to establish de-facto standards for a unified EV charging ecosystem.

How we do that

We believe that open source can change the world!
Based on our own experience and the learnings from other industries, open source technologies have the disruptive power to improve the world. Emobility is one of the key factors to combat climate change. But it needs to be better, more open, faster and more innovative. So we combined emobility with open source - and the result is: EVerest

  • 2021 | First prototype

    Our first prototype of our development kit

  • 2021 | Member of LFE

    We are proud that EVerest is an official project of the Linux Foundation Energy

  • 2021 | Source code published

    Now everyone can experience what EVerest is all about. 

  • 2023 | Secured Funding

    We raised more than €5 million in an oversubscribed Seed financing round.Read more.

  • 2023 | A new Home

    We moved to our new office building in Bad Schönborn, Germany.

  • The Future | Full Speed Ahead

    We are very much looking forward to what is before us. 

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This is our story

An experienced team innovating in a new field

Our experienced team of entrepreneurs that founded and led MAVinci (drone startup) to an exit with Intel in 2016 was looking for a new venture.

Starting with a consulting job and a strong personal interest (most of us are avid EV fans), we were disappointed at the current state of EV charging infrastructure. 

But becoming "yet another wallbox manufacturer" or "yet another backend provider" would not fix the underlying issue. 

We knew right away, to change this industry, we needed a real disruptive technology. 

And that is how EVerest was born.  

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